*  Violence and crimes against Women and Children program

*  Rehabilited intimates women through shelter home assist by ministry of women in child development, govt. of India.

*  Awareness program such as street plays, theatre festivals, Workshops

* Total sanitation programs

* Human rights and women legal awareness

*  Food processing training centre

*  Vocational training program

*  Cultural programs

*  Rural development program

*  Reproductive child health care program

*  Education awareness and research program

*  Training to PRIs and SHGs MISSION


The activities which we have successfully executed 

  1.  Establish old age homes where they get human love, care, and comfort of living, medical facilities to lead a happy life.
  2.  Establish care homes with Human facilities which ensure mentally retarded, handicapped are trained enough to lead a self dependent life.
  3.  To generate compassion among people, towards aged and special children.
  4.  Provide health services in the far-flung tribal and rural areas.
  5.  To protect human rights, ensure legal protection and support from the respective government for the aged and children.
  6.  Skill Development and Income Generate Program in rural poor area.
  7.  Literacy awareness for rural drop out children and neo literate women

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